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“Gogo Boy Interrupted” Becomes a Web Series

Our dreams have come true! Comedian Jimmy Fowlie has backtracked on earlier statements saying, “Like I just felt like there was so many web series. The last thing that Los Angeles needed was one more web series. You know what I mean?” No, we don’t know what you mean Jimmy Fowlie, because we wanted your…

Los Angeles VGL Kickball Finals Will Hackner Alex van der Hoek

Rock N Roll Kickball Finals

Finally, the video you’ve all been waiting for! Four teams went head to head this past Saturday at 4 PM. Who will come out on top? Are you for Kick Tease or Huevos Con Chorizo? Suck My Kick or The Lubricated Marys? Find out in the video below For more information on Varsity Gay League…

Lubricated Marys and New Kicks SemiFinals VGL Kickball

Rock N Roll Kickball SemiFinals

As the VGL Rock N Roll teams headed into semifinals we got the dirt on some of the players. Who’s talking smack and who’s ready to put money where their mouth is? For more information on Varsity Gay League here in Los Angeles, check out their site for ways to get involved!

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Washington DC, A New Gay Capital

When we think of the great American gay cities, more often than not our minds jump to New York, LA, and San Francisco. I had never before considered DC a major gay city until my friends who lived there told me I had it all wrong. Alumni from Georgetown and GW confirmed that every other…

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Marqui Jordan, Art Director/Stylist

I sat down with Marqui Jordan, an up and coming Art Director and Wardrobe Stylist who talked about his work on Nylon Magazine’s “Oh You Pretty Things” as well as his other projects which support and expose the underground fashion scene.

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One of My Least Desirable Qualities

I’m not a dog person. People cringe when I tell them. I lose more friends over not being a dog person than I do over being gay. Torture to me is someone holding their phone up to my face and swiping through hundreds of photos of their dog walking, breathing, and slobbering all over the…

This is the face of pure evil.

Gay Men are Dangerous

“Watch your drinks. Don’t let anyone make you anything.” “Get ready to have orgies everyday.” “You’re going to come back covered in STDs.” This is what they told me before I left for my trip to the BVI, which I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about. My friends and family were worried that someone as…


The Lost Chapter

I wish he didn’t live in DC. If he lived in LA this would be absolutely perfect. I think back to the first time I met him. We hadn’t even kissed before I asked him to room with me. He was it. I knew it. I wish I could meet him over and over again.…


LA Gays vs. DC Gays

The guys I immediately bonded with from the trip were from LA, however most of the guys on the Gay Armada were from DC and it took me some adjustment to understand how they worked. It was interesting to hang around them and take note of how different the conversations were and how life back…