Glee depicted the dichotomy of mass vs. fem guys with closeted football player Dave Karofsky and flamboyant, theater star Kurt Hummel. Later, along with the development of mainstream gay culture, Blaine Anderson was introduced and seemed to be a mixture of both masculine and feminine qualities.

The Decay of “Masc v. Fem”

With the rudimentary structure of Grindr a few years ago, users were only offered one picture with limited text. Guys then had to get to the point and ask for exactly what they wanted. “No fems.” “Masc only.” “Chill bro looking for same.” The reason most of us got into this business of being gay…


Gay Marriage: What Now?

As I was sitting outside with my friend Aaron (who is also gay), my phone buzzed in my pocket. Slightly tiffed that I had to interrupt my tanning session to respond to a text, I pulled it out of the pocket of my shorts to see who had messaged me. My brother. Strange, he doesn’t text…


Gay Guilt and “The Normal Heart”

Ever since coming out, gay men from the older generation have been trying to teach me about the travesty of the AIDS epidemic. “You don’t know how good you have it.” “You don’t know what it was like.” “You don’t appreciate how much we fought for you.” This kind of guilt may work for other…

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GBG Announcements

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San Diego

It’s a slow-paced city where people seem to be content with life. Compared to other cities, very few of my conversations were about career or connections which gave me the impression that there isn’t a huge necessity to network or impress other people with your professional status. Even people with high-powered jobs were slow to…

This is the face of pure evil.

Gay Men are Dangerous

“Watch your drinks. Don’t let anyone make you anything.” “Get ready to have orgies everyday.” “You’re going to come back covered in STDs.” This is what they told me before I left for my trip to the BVI, which I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about. My friends and family were worried that someone as…


Open Relationships

It’s no secret that the couples in open relationships are getting the most action here in the BVI and even though none of them are on my boat, we all hear the stories. We even hear that in the real world one of the couples allows each person to have sex with whoever they want…

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The Gay Armada: The Stops and Interactions

Ok but seriously, where the hell did I go for one week? The British Virgin Islands are located just off the coast of Puerto Rico and we had to fly to the US Virgin Islands first in order to get there. Once we flew into St. Thomas we took a ferry to Road Town where…

Goose and I with back marks after sitting in a hammock for too long.

Goose and Gay Chivalry

The straight community has been saying chivalry is dead. With a push for gender equality, men and women alike are viewing acts of kindness as power plays. Holding a door for a girl assumes that she’s weak and paying for her meal is a way of asserting dominance or control. When girls are asking for…


OkCupid and Tinder: The Straight Dating Apps for Gays

Mobile online dating was the rising trend in 2013. Of course it’s been going on for years in the gay community but the straight community finally caught on and made some apps of their own with OkCupid and Tinder. However, I’ve noticed another trend of 2013. “Ew no, I’m not on Grindr.” This is the…