I was so nervous that I didn't know how to place my feet or hands.

Visiting The Equality House and the Westboro Baptist Church

As my boyfriend and I drove through Kansas on our cross country road trip, we passed some crazy roadside attractions: Truckhenge (like Stonehenge but with Trucks and much less impressive), Prarie Dog Town, the Wizard of Oz Museum, the largest Czech Egg, and the 2nd Friendliest Yarn Shop in the World. We made stops at…


Gay Marriage: What Now?

As I was sitting outside with my friend Aaron (who is also gay), my phone buzzed in my pocket. Slightly tiffed that I had to interrupt my tanning session to respond to a text, I pulled it out of the pocket of my shorts to see who had messaged me. My brother. Strange, he doesn’t text…

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Jimmy Fowlie, Life After Gogo Dancing

I sat down with Jimmy Fowlie to talk about his new show “Gogo Boy Interrupted” that delves into the life of a former gogo, Danny Carter. Jimmy talks about his own experiences that fueled the project as well as life with a theater degree and working with director Jordan Black. “Gogo Boy Interrupted” goes up…

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Washington DC, A New Gay Capital

When we think of the great American gay cities, more often than not our minds jump to New York, LA, and San Francisco. I had never before considered DC a major gay city until my friends who lived there told me I had it all wrong. Alumni from Georgetown and GW confirmed that every other…

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“My Status is Not a Secret”

I sat down with John Saint-Denis and Ian Klein, the writing/directing/producing team behind their new documentary “STATUS” as well as their webisodes “Open” and “Knowing” concerning the aspects and issues of people living with HIV and in serodiscordant relationships.


Gay Guilt and “The Normal Heart”

Ever since coming out, gay men from the older generation have been trying to teach me about the travesty of the AIDS epidemic. “You don’t know how good you have it.” “You don’t know what it was like.” “You don’t appreciate how much we fought for you.” This kind of guilt may work for other…

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Being Gay and Mormon

I sat down with Sean Baumann and Jake Taylor, a mormon couple who have been dating for two years to talk about their relationship, resources they used, and how they continue to work with their church. Check it out below!


5 Exercises to Impress Your Imaginary Gym Boyfriend

Elle Woods is to the bend-and-snap as gay boys are to these exercises. Whether you’re an innocent gym bunny or you have the track record of a certified gym cruiser, odds are you rush home after each workout to tell your roommate about something stupid you did in front of your gym crush.  From experience,…

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GBG Announcements

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Michael Sam and Why We Shouldn’t Call Conservatives Homophobes

It showed up in my newsfeed after a few of my friends liked an eye-catching article on Facebook. It was from Youngcons.com (Young Conservatives) and the title read “Matt Walsh’s “homophobic rant against Michael Sam” is absolutely brilliant.” I was confused because how could my friends like and comment on this link saying “Finally someone…