Los Angeles VGL Kickball Finals Will Hackner Alex van der Hoek

Rock N Roll Kickball Finals

Finally, the video you’ve all been waiting for! Four teams went head to head this past Saturday at 4 PM. Who will come out on top? Are you for Kick Tease or Huevos Con Chorizo? Suck My Kick or The Lubricated Marys? Find out in the video below For more information on Varsity Gay League…


I Don’t Know My Status

Being free, independent, and newly single, I was not looking for anything too serious. Hell, right after the breakup I wasn’t even looking for sex. The thought of being with another guy after three years and two serious, long term boyfriends was strange to me. I was timid and nervous in this new world of…

Glee depicted the dichotomy of mass vs. fem guys with closeted football player Dave Karofsky and flamboyant, theater star Kurt Hummel. Later, along with the development of mainstream gay culture, Blaine Anderson was introduced and seemed to be a mixture of both masculine and feminine qualities.

The Decay of “Masc v. Fem”

With the rudimentary structure of Grindr a few years ago, users were only offered one picture with limited text. Guys then had to get to the point and ask for exactly what they wanted. “No fems.” “Masc only.” “Chill bro looking for same.” The reason most of us got into this business of being gay…

Further down the road at the Red Rocks overlooking Denver in the far distance.

Hoedown in Denver

If there’s one American city that seems to have seduced all of my friends into living there, it’s Denver. Located in a state where pot is legal, outdoorsman-ship is encouraged, and dogs are everywhere, Denver has a west coast feel without being too laid back and feels down to Earth like the South without being…

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Mikel Gerle on Politics, Leather, and LA Band of Brothers

Mikel Gerle talks about the balance between working in politics and the leather community as well as his campaign for West Hollywood City Council for March of 2015. He delves into the world of the International Mr. Leather contest as well as the formation of the LA Band of Brothers. twitter: @mikelgerle wehowelove.com MikelGerle.com Directed…


Gay Marriage: What Now?

As I was sitting outside with my friend Aaron (who is also gay), my phone buzzed in my pocket. Slightly tiffed that I had to interrupt my tanning session to respond to a text, I pulled it out of the pocket of my shorts to see who had messaged me. My brother. Strange, he doesn’t text…


Kansas City: Low Expectations, Big Surprises

Out of all the cities planned for our road trip, I was most excited about Kansas City. Not many people expect much out of the city and very few people know anything about it. Did you know that it’s located on the Missouri/Kansas border?? I didn’t and there was a lot more I was looking…

Reigning drag queen Tracey Ottomey opening up the show.

The Gays Go to Church St. in Nashville

In traveling cross-country to move my boyfriend out to LA, I wanted to check out some of the smaller cities you wouldn’t necessarily expect to have a gay scene. Our first major city was Nashville. To most people Nashville is not a small city, in fact it’s their favorite. Great restaurants, a plethora of bars,…

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Marqui Jordan, Art Director/Stylist

I sat down with Marqui Jordan, an up and coming Art Director and Wardrobe Stylist who talked about his work on Nylon Magazine’s “Oh You Pretty Things” as well as his other projects which support and expose the underground fashion scene.


The Gay Hostel, Berlin

While preparing to study abroad in London last fall I decided I wanted to take a weekend trip to Berlin. It was a combination of the infamous club scene, my love for German men, and the brutish post WWII architecture that made the city so alluring (not to mention my love for Currywurst). The summer…