Varsity Gay League Kickball

VGL Fall Kickball Finals

Returning champs Suck My Kick and Kick Tease face off against their respective challengers Scream Queens and Hocus Pokicks in this season’s finals for the A and B divisions. Watch as the players and fans alike eagerly awaited the results.

Varsity Gay League Kickball

VGL Fall Kickball Semi Finals ’14

Your favorites are back! 8 teams (4 teams per bracket) go head to head in this season’s semi finals. Learn more about the players behind the games as they talk about strategy, rumors, and intimate details they’ve never shared before! Bottom Bracket: Pitch, Please! vs. Hocus Pokicks Troop Beverly Hills vs. Kick Tease Top Bracket:…

Los Angeles VGL Kickball Finals Will Hackner Alex van der Hoek

Rock N Roll Kickball Finals

Finally, the video you’ve all been waiting for! Four teams went head to head this past Saturday at 4 PM. Who will come out on top? Are you for Kick Tease or Huevos Con Chorizo? Suck My Kick or The Lubricated Marys? Find out in the video below For more information on Varsity Gay League…

Lubricated Marys and New Kicks SemiFinals VGL Kickball

Rock N Roll Kickball SemiFinals

As the VGL Rock N Roll teams headed into semifinals we got the dirt on some of the players. Who’s talking smack and who’s ready to put money where their mouth is? For more information on Varsity Gay League here in Los Angeles, check out their site for ways to get involved!


Varsity Gay League Kickball, Summer ’14

The Varsity Gay League is an adult sports league that offers a variety of recreational sports programs. The Rock N Roll kickball league started playoffs this past weekend and I got to interview some of the other teams on how they were feeling going into their games. I play on the team Balls Are the…

Glee depicted the dichotomy of mass vs. fem guys with closeted football player Dave Karofsky and flamboyant, theater star Kurt Hummel. Later, along with the development of mainstream gay culture, Blaine Anderson was introduced and seemed to be a mixture of both masculine and feminine qualities.

The Decay of “Masc v. Fem”

With the rudimentary structure of Grindr a few years ago, users were only offered one picture with limited text. Guys then had to get to the point and ask for exactly what they wanted. “No fems.” “Masc only.” “Chill bro looking for same.” The reason most of us got into this business of being gay…


Gay Marriage: What Now?

As I was sitting outside with my friend Aaron (who is also gay), my phone buzzed in my pocket. Slightly tiffed that I had to interrupt my tanning session to respond to a text, I pulled it out of the pocket of my shorts to see who had messaged me. My brother. Strange, he doesn’t text…


Michael Sam and Why We Shouldn’t Call Conservatives Homophobes

It showed up in my newsfeed after a few of my friends liked an eye-catching article on Facebook. It was from (Young Conservatives) and the title read “Matt Walsh’s “homophobic rant against Michael Sam” is absolutely brilliant.” I was confused because how could my friends like and comment on this link saying “Finally someone…


Straight Guys on Gay Teams

Last weekend I went down to San Diego to watch my friend Nickles play in the Surf and Turf Bowl for his gay flag football team. Gay recreational sports teams are the norm among a lot of my friends and they exist in most major cities. The bowl in San Diego would be a coming…